January 18-19, 2019



Music Appreciation and Diversity in the Contemporary Ministries

The mandate to address the musical messages to all sectors of the congregations affords effective ministers of music the ability to present an array of Christian centered music, ranging…   Read More

Amante Lacy, Columbus, OH

The Portrait of Women In Ministry

Throughout the pages of the Holy Writ holy women have navigated positive transformation for their communities and society… Read More

Mother Frances Kelly, Memphis, TN

The Church, Its Message, and the Effective Leader

The black church is to be applauded for divine insight and spiritual motivation that it intentionally instills within the minds and lives of its congregants. The church dispels negative perceptions, reinforces positive potentials…  Read More

Pastor Joseph Robinson, Los Angeles, CA

Catechisms and Engagement

Praise and Worship
Focus: religious protocols and practical application for the entire worship community…Read More

Amante Lacy, Columbus, OH

Reaching and Understanding the Millennial Church

The black church historically valued, as the unmovable anchor within the community has been forced to display strong interest in the affairs of neighborhoods and redefine their contemporary …Read More

 Elder Marc Britt, Philadelphia, PA

Presentation in Homiletics: Preaching through it through the lenses of Pentecostalism

It is clearly evident that environment embeds values, beliefs and polities that forge behaviors, attitudes, and life-views. The constant presence of violence, rage…Read More

Bishop L. Spenser Smith, Tuscaloosa, AL

Maintaining the Pentecostal Sound

The anointed and inspiring musical sounds of the Pentecostal church continues to precede the wondrous manifestation of the Holy Spirit within the total worship experience. This session is designed to prepare the music…  Read More

Pastor Rodney Posey, Cincinnati, OH

The Intercessor and Bridge Builder

We affirm the biblical position that the prayers of the righteous availed deliverance and restoration for the people of God and that our Christian… Read More

Mother Frances Kelly, Memphis, TN

Expanding our Territories & Stretching our Potential through Effective Outreach & Evangelism

Jesus commissioned his disciples to proclaim the gospel, instruct in foundational polities and evangelize the world… Read More

Pastor Chris Harris, Chicago, IL

Youth Ministry That Works

The black youth and young adult sees many of the practices of this generation and the church as bondage… Read More

 Elder Marc Britt, Philadelphia, PA

Preparing & creating a spiritual atmosphere for the move & presence of God

Focus: necessary components that establishes a sacred and sanctified setting for spiritual impartation. Shaping the roles and responsibilities of… Read More

Pastor Rodney Posey, Cincinnati, OH


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