About Us

Throughout the holy writ the Lord has commanded and commissioned those chosen by him to equip the saints with the necessary resources that strengthens his people and prepares them for their divine mission. The patriarchs insisted that the laws, polities, and mannerisms of Jehovah be recited and recalled through the expression of holiness, litany and worship often in the gospels Jesus catechisms his disciples and constantly prepares them for their future commission.

At his earthly exodus he commands the apostles and disciples to teach all nations making them disciples and teach them the things they observed with a covenant that he will be with them always even until the end of ages.

The comprehension of this biblical mandate has for centuries forged the evolution of strong relevant and vibrant religious reformations. Our founder Bishop C. H. Mason inspired by the Holy Ghost is celebrated for his global outreach reliance upon the acts of the Holy Ghost and applauded for his prayerful strategies that infused a southern community to become a mighty fortress in the kingdom.

As decedents of this great heritage we are commissioned to embrace biblical instruction and our Pentecostal witness to advance ministry initiatives throughout our consistent.

Wisconsin First Jurisdiction for almost two decades has employed through our Annual Summit opportunities to trained our clerics, explore our strategies, rediscover potentials and equip our congregants to ascend to new horizons through training, worship and strategic development.

Our Summit has afforded countless thousands of believers the ability to sharpen there tools understand their calling and advance their mission. We have witnessed experts in a many of areas including Homiletics, Women In Ministry, Training, Information Technology, Children and Youth Ministries, Children School of Discipleship, Social Welfare, Contemporary Outreach, Organizational compliance, Institutional Vision casting.

Our summit Is our Jurisdictional response that addresses contemporary, challenges, conflicts and concerns and prepares leaders and laymen to perfect their ministry and peruse innovative metrologies to fulfill their biblical calling.